At MPS, we tailor our services to each individual client’s needs. Because of this, the best answer to various questions may vary from client to client. We have given our best general answer to the most-frequently-asked questions, but please, contact our Director of Business Development, Cameron Ensz, at 651.275.4219 for a more detailed response. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why do some staffing agencies cost more than others do? Isn’t price all that matters?

Price is an important factor, but remember, “You get what you pay for” became a cliché because it’s true. Price will reflect the quality of service. Of course, some price-impacting things, like payroll taxes and worker’s compensation insurance, are a set factor and not within the staffing agency’s control, but consider the items they do control. How deep and wide, how strong are the staffing agency’s internal resources? How much of their time and resources will be committed to your employment needs? Price is a direct reflection of the answer. Lower prices often mean less resources and a lower quality service.

How is MPS different from other staffing agencies?

Since your time is valuable – let’s stick to the basics. MPS stands out because we specialize in the precision manufacturing industry. This means we understand your strengths, your pain points, your culture, and your unique needs – and we understand them exceptionally well. We maintain a strict quality-centered process for screening our employees. Most importantly, we develop a complete staffing process and program for each client, tailoring all of our services to each one’s specific needs. Can it get any better than this? We don’t think so!

Do I have to sign a contract or enter into  legal engagement to work with MPS?

No way! All our clients chose to come to MPS and, frankly, they choose to stay with us – because of our knowledge of the industry and our quality service. The only dotted line our clients sign is a standard agreement laying out billing terms and the pricing. If we ever have to resort to binding contracts to keep clients, it will be time to  . . . well it isn’t going to happen, so let’s not even go there.

How fast does MPS respond to my inquiry?

Turnaround time is crucial to our model. We know your business thrives when disruptions are avoided. MPS provides instant gratification – if our client wants a change – we do it. Now. No red tape. No unending chain of command.

What is MPS’ customer retention rate?

Drum roll, please. MPS is proud to share that we have a 99% customer retention rate.

What types of jobs does MPS staff?

MPS focuses on providing staffing for precision manufacturers. We cover the waterfront – placing individuals in positions from shop floor support to engineering and manufacturing management.

Will I be assigned one point of contact to work with?

Absolutely. MPS is all about building relationships. An Account Manager partners with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs, culture and expectations, and then we build a customized process around this knowledge. He/she will remain your day-to-day contact for all your needs.

Can we hire MPS placement employees onto our payroll?

One of the greatest compliments we can get is when a client chooses to hire on one of our placements. As long as the employee has met the agreed upon contract hours, you are welcome to add them onto your payroll. You might even hear us blowing party whistles as we celebrate with you.

Why do candidates choose MPS to find work?

“How do they love us? Let us count the ways.”